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* Windows 2012 and 2008 Server setup * On premise or in-the-cloud email services for your domain * Secure access to your network from the Internet (VPN)


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Internet Explorer Memory Usage

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My wife’s computer always seems to have performance issues. Either it is running too slowly, or too hot, or not running at all, etc. Our last purchase of a work computer for her was a Dell Inspiron laptop, with an 4th-gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8 Gb of 1600 MHz RAM, and a 256 GB

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Artificial Heart

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An article on The Verge described the state of the art – as of about 9 months ago – of artificial heart development. It mentioned that one model being worked on uses a turbine-like pump instead of a periodic, pulsed pump like our natural tickers.  A continuous-flow device like this is quieter, and doesn’t wear out

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Grammarly is broken

My boss bought an add-on for Microsoft Word called Grammarly. If you Google it, you will find glowing reviews. How clueless people can be! Apparently, Grammarly purposely disables the Autosave function in Word. It also makes it about 67% more likely that Word will hang up and need to be force-quit via Task Manager. Guess

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Applying transitions to multiple clips at once in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Choose the transition you want to apply in the list of effects Right click and select “Set as default transition” Select the clips to which you want to add the transition In the sequence menu, select “Add default transitions to selected”

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Problems with Windows Server

I manage the IT for the company I work for (not Mayn Idea) and have set up a Windows domain with a Dell PowerEdge T310 running Windows Server 2008 R2 as the domain controller. This server also acts as a file and database server, with QuickBooks and Solidworks Vault/PDM applications. The file server part includes

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